List of Nepali Bloggers


Lots of good writers and bloggers exist. But people who aren’t as internet savvy are NOT aware of these bloggers. It is because blogging can be identified as an extension of the ego, and if you know Nepali, then you know we have egos the size of the moon.We think self-promotion is bad and so avoid doing things like that and are happy within our own little limbo.

But there is such a big potential for an impact and it all begins with a small step. Self-awareness. What I mean by this is bloggers realize that other bloggers exist and they are part of the Nepali diaspora and have interesting dialogs to share with us, and are great listeners of our dialogs. Not just camaraderie, but we will be initiating a consciousness of our community. At which point do we reach self-awareness? I do not have a concrete answer for you, but my expectation is that when we start reading each other’s posts, encouraging or critiquing, we will each a point where I can blog about how ‘Surya Tamrakar – the mountainclimber’s recent post about East-West highway hike, and this should trigger off waves of nostalgia about that particular post of the fictitious Surya Tamrakar. Make any sense?

Anyways, I will be rigorously maintaining this list so feel safe to permalink this post. I’d also ask all bloggers to share this link.

If you see your site here, please leave a comment with a description of your website and I will update it.

*Note – Some of the descriptions are still pending. I have contacted the authors of these blogs to ask for their descriptions and will fill/correct them as they come in.

  • AakarTech. – The author of this blog is a tech Enthusiast, an Engineering Student & an avid Blogger. Currently he is pursuing his undergraduate in Kathmandu University Dhulikhel Kavre, Nepal. He has written in Aakar Post & in Aakar Tech since 2007, and is expanding his involvement in other blogs as a writer as well.
  • Pushmind Publishing – Pushmind Publishing is basically an ‘interest’ blog – where articles related to entertainment, uniqueness and interactivity are covered. Besides, a number of posts related to general, eco-friendly and experimental technologies are also featured at Pushmind Publishing. Pushmind Publishing has been on the blogosphere since April 2006.
  • Never Stop DreamingDeependra Kumar Jha is an Engineer by profession and holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. He loves writing and views blogging as a wonderful medium to express the essence of things. He writes when moved by intense passion on various themes, subjects and issues. His write-up emphasizes on the virtues of perseverance and optimism.
  • The World of Small – his blog has been started by a PhD student in Bose-Einstein Condensation (Theoretical Atomic Physics) in a US University, to write something on Quantum Mechanics and the phenomena which can be better explained quantum mechanically. The blogger was born on the lap of the HIMALAYAS !
  • Wagle Street Journal -Dinesh Wagle is a journalist associated with Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post, both daily newspapers by Kantipur Publications, Nepal’s largest media company. His most recent posting was at the papers’ New Delhi bureau (from Nov 2008 to Feb 2011).Dinesh was born in 1979 as the first son of the Wagle family in Duragaun Village, Ramechhap District, Nepal. Initially raised in his birthplace, Dinesh moved to Kathmandu at the age of 11 to attend a Tibetan school. He got married in Dec 2009.Dinesh lives in Gothataar, Kathmandu.
  • archana – An IT Nepali Blogger
  • MangalMan’s Perspective – A common man MangalMan’s perspective on world and everything.
  • Bibek Paudel
  • Web Logger Dai
  • Sangesh’s Blog – A personal blog covering a collection of topics related to Nepal.
  • Carbon Tube – Finally a blog not about IT and computers. I recommend checking him out.
  • Mukesh Chapagain – PHP, Magento, jQuery
  • Deepak Adhikari – Rumination & Rhapsody
  • Deepa’s Chit n Chat – Fashion advice, dating advice. All this from a home girl so she hits the spot!
  • Dhiraj Shrestha
  • Dinesh Magar
  • ABC –  An opinionated & politically incorect[sic] blog from Nepal
  • The Coffee House Revival
  • C.P Aryal – Expressing Myself – CP Aryal has interest in literature. He is a freelance writer,translator and a lover of books.
  • Her World – Cute blog about his daughter. Good reads!
  • My Nameless Diary – a simple woman experiencing madness of womanhood, trying to balance family and career.
  • Kamaladi
  • Kathmandu Speaks – Seems to mostly relate to political things.
  • Keshuvko – My world, my perspective
  • Lantang photoblog – dedicated to LANGTANG and people of the region.
  • Mohammad Tajim – related to Nepal, its start-up scene and its people
  • Mahesh’s World – Student of Physics at Tri-Bhuwan University.
  • Nepali Netbook
  • Mero Guff – Technology Blog – personal blog which is mostly about information technology, gossips, fun and humor, computer tips and tutorials, product reviews, latest news, gadgets and more everything.
  • NepaChem – Blog for people in Chemistry field.
  • RedNepal – Two Nepali bloggers churning out content for this blog, with a mostly political flavor.
  • NepaliBlogger – Nepali blogger comes from the idea of uniting bloggers of Nepal and developing blogging as an alternative media in the country.
  • Nepalidude – Spilling beans like it’s no one’s business.
  • Palai Palo –  A weekly diet for everyone.
  • Ray of Hope
  • NepaliDai – मेरो नाम नेपाली दाई हो र म एउटा नेपालीकेटो हुँ । म साधारण र अनौपचारिक भाषामा, ब्येतिगत देखि रास्ट्रीय बिषयमा लेखहरु लेख्छु । तपाईहरुको प्रतिक्रियाले सुध्रिन मौका मिल्नेनै छ ।
  • Media Studies Academic Blog – simple guy who thinks more, talk less and act most because action speaks louder than words
  • Say I am you – A poet.
  • Nepal Is Healthy –
  • Watchdog of Democracy
  • Everything That I have to say – Sports and music lover.
  • Shirish L – Entrance! – A guy from Thapathali, Kathmandu
  • Anjali – A Prelude to Perfection
  • Technott
  • Time!
  • Umes Shrestha – Bleak Expressions

43 Comments on “List of Nepali Bloggers”

  1. Jiwan says:

    Thanks for the list!

  2. Manu says:

    Pushmind Publishing is basically an ‘interest’ blog – where articles related to entertainment, uniqueness and interactivity are covered. Besides, a number of posts related to general, eco-friendly and experimental technologies are also featured at Pushmind Publishing. Pushmind Publishing has been on the blogosphere since April 2006.

    And good luck in your endeavour.

  3. This is a blog to promote health amongst Nepalese living all over the world, including in Nepal:

    Website is coming soon.

  4. Nepali Dude,

    Hey, I saw a big list of Nepali bloggers on this forum on facebook:

    I suggest you join there dude.

    Look for this topic:
    “Does anyone here keep a blog (as in blogspot or wordpress or any kind of an online journal portal) and blogs in regular intervals? If so, please do share your links. (If anyone wants to remain anonymous, perhaps still find a way to post the link here, pretend it is your friend’s or relatives’ or you came across it?)”

  5. sangesh says: this is my blog i just write about what happening around me

  6. Sambid Sharma says:

    really good article and good list…just random but there is one website Ktmtube that i believe you missed out…a really good website for nepalese people to share videos and photos that is really professional and i believe the best out there in context of Nepal…have a look at it…and keep up the good work

  7. kishor kc says:

    hi … This is my blog for providing just link to pepole.

  8. Avishek says:

    Hey, this is a clever post I’ve stumbled upon. You seem to have missed me though.
    Catch up with me @ where we share a lot of things.

  9. Pradeep says:

    It really help me to find out different bloggers from Nepal. I hope you will improvise it

  10. My blog is
    and description: I am IT Business Analyst by profession , traveller by passion , writer by hobby and fashionista at heart.

  11. This site is all about News, movies, culture and tradition, different places and temples from Nepal plus find some news from Tech world, sports, programming and web design.

  12. Himesh kc says:

    This is my blog so i fully agree and honest to use its rule.

  13., here I post my semi-articles.
    Nice vision, it feels nice to read blogs of our elder brothers, when everyone is going for short charactered social network.
    Hoping for some fun!

  14. Shree1234 says:

    My blog ” Everything in life is either acquired or achieved” is located at It’s about books, movies, thoughts, current issues and everything I feel worth sharing.

  15. hi this is my blog

  16. Ramchandra says: this is my blog related to youth opportunities and youth action,my opinion,travel,articles.

  17. rachana says:

    Thanks for the list ! ahile ta changes bhai sakeko cha hola list ma !

  18. nyasro says:

    great list of blogger.
    here is my wordpress plugin, have a try.
    [Nyasro Nepali Date Converter]

  19. Great idea. My blog is
    Description : living in west with values of east

  20. I would be grateful if you enlist my blog too:
    Title: SCIENCE and everything about SCIENCE
    Description: This blog showcases some cool latest discoveries in the field of science ranging from theoretical science to the new-age gadgets and everything in between from biology to chemistry.

  21. Nepali Dude says:

    […] List of Nepali Bloggers […]

  22. Nepal Tour

    Your blog is very beneficial for every reader including me. Keep doing the great work so that people like me can learn some nice and new things. Thanks for the sharing useful travel information.

    Description: This blog shares Research, Knowledge,Information and Solutions related to computer and Internet.

  24. nisharels says:

    hey this is a link to my blog might wanna check it out it’s small but it’s just the beginning

  25. nel says:
    nepali girl showcasing her personal style

  26. Ankit K. Verma says:

    Hy NepaliDude,

    Here’s my Blog Link:
    I write about Education, Inspiration and Literature. Most of my writings are intended for students and literary readers. Will be glad if my blog link is posted in your list.


  27. Bhatan says:

    ५ लाखमा किनवेच भयो डा.दोमनसिहं थापाको इज्यत हेर्नुस यस्तो छ रोचक खुलासा

    अर्घाखाँचीमा विगत केहि महिनाबाट नेतृत्वपक्तिमा तानातान चलिरहेको छ । नेपाली काग्रेसबाट पूर्वसभासद पुष्पा भूसालले चुनावमा आफुलाई हराएका सभासद दोमन थापाको चरित्रहत्याको लागी अर्घाखाँचीका पत्रकार विरेन्द्र के.सीलाई ५ लाख दिएको खुलासा भएको छ ।

    गतसाल सम्पन्न संविधानसभाको च’नावमा अर्घाखाँची क्षेत्र नं. २ बाट संविधानसभाका लागी निर्वाचित भएका सभासद डा. दोमन सिंह थापाविरुद्ध पछिल्लोपटक संचारमाध्यममा आएका विभिन्न समाचारहरु तयार गर्नको लागी जिल्लाकै पूर्व सभासद एवं क्षेत्र नं २ बाट नेपाली काग्रेसबाट उम्मेदवार श्रीमती पुष्पा भुसालले आफु निर्वाचनमा पराजय भएपछि यो कुटनितिक खेल रचेको कुरा खुल्न आएको छ ।

    जिल्लाको क्षेत्र नं २ मा यो निर्वाचन पूर्व नेपाली काग्रेसको गड रहेको र यसपाली पनि नेपाली काग्रेसबाट पुष्पा भुसालले अत्याधिक मतले जित्ने निश्चित थियो, आफनो बाबु काशीराज गौतमले जिल्लामा गरेको कामलाई जोडेर राजनितिक क्षेत्रमा होमिएकी पुष्पा कानुनकी विद्यार्थी पनि हुन् पछिल्लो पटक पनि सभासद भएर आफुले मन्त्रिपद खाने ढुक्क भएकी पुष्पाको सपना सपनै रहेपछि यसपाली केन्द्रबाटै उनलाई मन्त्रिपरिषदमा लग्ने आश्वासन आएको जिल्लाकमिटिका एक सदस्यले बताएका छन् यसरी आवश्वासन आएपछि उनले सान मान दण्ड भेदले चुनाव ज्त्निुपर्ने भन्दै यसपालीको सभासदको कोटा पनि आफनो कोल्टामा पारेकी हुन् यसरीनामलाई उच्च आकाक्षा बोकेर चुनावमा होमिएकी पुष्पाले अप्रत्यासितरुपमा हार स्वीकार्नु परेपछि र बर्षौ देखिको काग्रेसी इतिहासलाई तोडेकोमा यो खेल रचेको उनीसगँ सहकार्य गर्दैआएका तर नाम नवताउने सर्तमा आफुलाई अनिल भन्न रुचाउनेको दावी छ । उनले कुराकानीमा जिल्लामा पार्टीको आश्थामा रहेका पत्रकारहरुलाई प्रयोग गरि यो अभियान सुरु गरेको र त्यसको लागी जिल्लामा कान्तिपुर दैनिकमा काम गर्ने विरेन्द्र केसीलाई पाँचलाख नगद समेत दिएको र उक्त रकम कसरी उनले दुई चारजना पत्रकारलाई गलत कार्यको लागी दिइन भन्नेमा उनी शंकास्पद छन् कृटनितिक खेलमा चालु भुमिका खेल्ने कान्तिपुरका जिल्लापत्रकार विरेन्द्रले विवादमा आइरहने पत्रकार ऋषि धमाला सम्वद्ध हुन् उनले अघिपनि समाचार बनाउने नाममा पटक पटक पैसा लिनेकाम गरेको र पत्रकारिता जस्तो पवित्र कार्यलाई अरुको चरित्र हत्या गर्ने काममा प्रयोग गरेको बताएका छन् ।

    स्मरणरहोस यस अघि पनि सभासद दोमन थापाको बारेमा चेक वाउन्स भन्ने समाचार प्रकाशित गर्ने विकाउ समाचारमा खप्पिस पत्रकार पनि विरेन्द्र केसी हुन् उनले भुसाल सगँ बाट लिएको ५ लाख रुपैया आफनो नेटवर्कमा रहेका पत्रकार ऋषि धमलालाई समेत केहि हिस्सा दिएको खुलासा भएको छ । जिल्लामा भएका पटक पटकका बाडफाड र हिनामिनाको समाचारलाई समेत ढाकछोप गरि समाचार बनाउने विरेन्द्र के सीले यो पाली सभासद दोमन थापालाई आफनो हतियार बनाएका छन । पूर्वमन्त्री एवं क्षेत्र नं १ बाट सभासद टोप बहादुर रायमाझीबाट गत बर्ष २० लाख रुपैया निकासा गरि आफनो मातहतका पत्रकारहरुलाई बाडफाड गरेको पनि खुल्न आएको छ । साथै दोमन थापाको बारेमा यस भन्दा अगाडि पनि चेक बाउन्सको समाचारलाई निराधार बताए पनि यो पाली भने उनीद्धारा सन्चालित एमआरएमजि नामक संस्थालाई पनि जोडेका छन् उक्त सस्थाले जिल्ला लगायत अन्यत्र ठाउमा धेरै पहिला देखि कार्य गर्दै आएको छ । यो विषयमा मैले नेपाली काग्रेसबाट संविधानसभा निर्वाचन अर्घाखाँची क्षेत्रन. १ बाट उम्मेदवार बनी एमाओबादीका टोप बहादुर रायमाझीसित हार व्यहोरेका डा राम बहादुर विसीसगँ बुझन खोज्दा उनले डा दोमन थापासँग जिल्लाले धेरै आशा राखेको र उनले त्यसो गर्छन भन्ने विश्वास नगर्ने र कानुनी प्रावधानमा जानुपर्नेमा चरित्र हत्या भएको बताए । यसरी पत्रकारीता क्षेत्रको समेत प्रयोग गरि पूर्व सम्मानित सभासद जस्तो मान्छेले यस्तो असमाजिक कुकर्म गर्दा सवैलाई चासो बनेको छ । यो विषयमा अझे गहन तरिकाले हामीले बुझदा दोमन आवद्ध नेकपा एमालेको जिल्लास्तरिय कमिटिमा पनि दोमनको जितसगँ असन्तोष राख्ने खेमापनि छ जुन खेमाको असरले निर्वाचनमा आसातित सफलता हात नपरेको एमाले एक यूवानेताले बताउछन् त्यस्तै नेपाली काग्रेस, एमाले एमाओबादीबाट पनि दोमनको आगमनले आफनो अस्तित्व धरापमा परेकोले यस्तो प्रंक्रिया अपनाएको आशंका धेरैमा हुनु स्वभाविक हो । जिल्लामा उच्चस्तरको योग्यता एवं एनजिवो मार्फत जिल्लाका विकास निर्माणका कार्यमा सहभागि बन्दै आएका दोमनले भने यो आरोपलाई ठाडै अस्विकार गरेका छन् उनले यो जालसाजी गर्ने र चरित्र हत्या गर्नेलाई प्रमाण ल्याएमा आफुले जस्तोसुकै सजायभोग्न पनि तयार रहेको र कसैले अनावश्यक हल्ला फैलाउदैमा वा डकादै हिडदैमा मैदान नछोडन्े बताउछन् तर अझैसम्म उनीलाई यी घटनाको दोषस्वरुप कानुनी प्रक्रिया भने आएको छैन् ।

    प्रथमपटक विना स्रोत प्रकासित समाचार जो रातोपाटीमा छापियो तर त्यसको जिम्मा वा चेकको जिम्मा लिने कोइ थिएन पछि दोमनले पत्रकार सम्मेलन पनि गरे ।
    पत्रकार सम्मेलन पश्चात के कुरा आउट भो त लिंक, पहिलो तथा दासा्रे समाचारहरुकोलागी यो साइटको जिल्ला समाचार


    रेडियो नेपाल जिल्ला संवाददाता मुक्तिभूसालसँगको अन्र्तवातामा स्पष्टिकराणमा दुमन थापाको लागी यहाँ जानुहोला

  28. : Flying_Thoughts. Collection of random thoughts that comes to this guy.

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